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Brand Whiz:

A 15 year old creative consultancy firm providing creative solutions to varied industries with Rich credentials & a state-of-the-art studio

Our methodology is based on the belief to look beyond the obvious and deliver unique communication packages

We  understand the different genres of communication requirements for every industry

The accuracy and quality of creative are the most important factors that the group adheres to

All advertisements, promotions and marketing collateral adhere to the brand standards and guidelines  in order to maintain uniformity and strengthen brand recognition

Intellectuals and Experts from the field of advertising &  marketing direct the entire group and guide each project  to realize its maximum potential.

To sum-up

Creatively Led. Strategically Driven.Digitally Native. Humanity Obsessed.


We provide creative services that encompass the entire range of communication services and digital advertising adding value at every stage of your communication

We address all the communication needs to launch the brand and nurture it to provide them a competitive edge in the industry

Apart from unique positioning, we strive to exponentially increase our client’s brand equity by providing them with a comprehensive 360° solution

Understanding the client (strengths and weaknesses) and create the ideal positioning platform

Analyze the markets that the client caters to create research-driven communication solutions that evoke action by striking the perfect chord in the hearts and minds of the target audience

We listen, we understand, we strategize, we implement with perfection, we exceed your expectation

Years of Experience

Brain Storming Sessions

Cups of Mavshi's Chai Everyday

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Brand Whiz believes in operating on an open canvas, with an inclination towards the white ones,
the ‘unmapped territory’ as we label it.
Aiming to breed new attitudes, our arena is an amalgamation of challenges, advertising and events.
The only rule we adhere to is never barring possibilities/potentialities.
As for wisdom/insight we rely on intellectuals and specialists from the field of advertising, marketing and promotions who guide a team of zealous young professionals and
ensure each project is executed to its apex potential.
The group has been nurturing fine talent and abilities through its tenure of providing effective and accomplished communication solutions to the selected industries.

Our greatest assets are the intellectual



Whiz Quote

“Success is a journey, not a destination”

“Growing is just an excuse, we wish to live up to every expectation of our clients…


We are a single window solution provider for all marketing and communication needs that caters to different fields with a state-of-the-art studio.
Our methodology is based on the belief to look beyond the obvious and deliver unique communication packages, thereby providing an entire basket of creative and marketing services:

Brand Whiz – Multi Industry Expertise:
Apart from being a single window for varied creative services, our expertise is also widespread in various sectors such as hospitality, lifestyle, luxury goods, jewelry,
finance, Pharmacy and many more.
Our team is versatile enough to cater to any creative needs of the client and we like to call ourselves, ‘WHIZ TEAM!’
Intellectuals and Experts from the field of advertising, marketing and eventing direct the entire group and guide each project to realize its maximum potential.
To conclude, the group has been nurturing fine talents and abilities through its tenure of providing effective and successful solution to the chosen industries.




  • We shape your brand, give it the required edge and help sustain its credibility
  • Our involvement starts from ground research of the markets and its consumers
  • Generating brand positioning possibilities and zeroing down to a specific based on test results are part of our scientific approach
  • Brand campaigns are created and applied to various media tools that talk to your target group
  • A brand needs the right stimulation to develop attitude in the market and grow
  • To start with, a suitable brand name creates a strong identity for itself through a unique logo
  • Research conducted for you by ‘Whiz’ directs & generates a positioning strategy to focus on your marketing & promotion efforts
  • This very strategy is molded in the communication and navigated through various media tools to hit the intended target audience
  • Your brand’s future success ratio is a vital input to leverage your marketing objectives
  • Our R & D team is fully equipped to provide such vital guidance for your brand. Be it above the line activities i.e. TV commercials, press ads, hoardings or an entire campaign with combinations of all three.

Social media holds the key to Digital Marketing in today’s age where technology reigns supreme. The quintessence of social media is simply to understand your audience and engage them in the story you tell through your Brand/Product.

  • Social Media Marketing: We at Brand Whiz undertake all your social media commands and make sure that your brand is uniformly visible and accessible to your target audiences. After all, it’s not about whether we DO social media but how well we DO it and we make sure your brands is as ‘social’ as it gets!
  •  PPC Campaign: The simple way of buying visits to your sites rather than waiting to procure those visits and lagging behind on the social media front. It’s all about being relevant/at the forefront after all.
  • Google Advertisements: We pick the right Keywords, AdWords for your google adverts so as to make sure that your brand gets the maximum attention among others. Words do make the biggest difference and reactions too.

  • Also, audio-visuals a strong B2B tool, to influence the respective target group is provided by us
  • Below the line brand representatives like posters, leaflets, banners brochures- we develop them all

Esteemed Clients

We are consistently on a lookout for ingenious, resourceful folks with a sharp wit, ability & creativity to generate new ideas from scratch. If you have the will to defy the norms and challenge yourself to create exceptional, we have the perfect stage/rostrum for you. Come, Conceptualize and Create.
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C- 201, 2nd Floor, Maruti Darshan CHS LTD, Navghar Rd Hanuman chowk, Mulund East
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400081


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