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Offering a strategic combination of creativity and expertise in marketing, branding, media, and advertising, we deliver full-fledged services ranging from promotions to individual print collaterals. Our Clients from the Travel and Hospitality sector includes 5-star hotels and renowned restaurants, travel consultants, tourism providers and industry organization.

Lifestyle brands do not just require a strong customer engagement and a brand recall on the digital front, it also needs to communicate with the customers to have a constant engagement and grow their online presence. Brand Whiz has catered to the businesses from Lifestyle industry with unique and impressive strategies to gain traffic and raise awareness. The campaigns that the Whiz Team has created in the past have scaled to the top of the search engines, surpassed the prominent competitors and generated audience Pan-India.

Our experienced teams from respective domains have catered to a number of luxury brands with advisory, crafting strategies, communication plans, and delivering media solutions. We’ve catered to Jewellery brands, a five-star chain of hotels, apparel businesses and nationally renowned companies.

Corporate work might sound monotonous and boring, but the truth is we enjoy a lot working for our clients in the corporate sector. Our clients from the corporate sector have experienced accelerated business growth through the generated leads. Our strategies result successful and our client’s online presence receive a high-traffic consumer engagement through our extensive network of media relations.

Real Estate is more than just showcasing the property and posting and boasting about beauty. Real Estate promotions do not necessarily need a strategy is a myth. In fact, Real Estate promotions need strategy and it needs to be a good one. For our clients, we develop an ‘Integrated Marketing Communication’ ecosystem to address, engage and win over every audience segment across each touch-point.